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Words that start with Q – the key to success in Scrabble

How to expand your word resources? Expanding your vocabulary and winning in Scrabble. How to become better in Scrabble?

Scrabble as a word game is to the greatest extent based on the amount of words that individual players have. It is thanks to him that they are able to adjust their actions to the situation on the board and play consciously. Having a broad and varied vocabulary is sure to make it easier to play and win in Scrabble. What words that start with Q or words that start with K can be arranged in Scrabble?

And what to do when we are not sure about our vocabulary? What activities can help in expanding it and thus contribute to success in Scrabble.?

Here are some practical ways to increase your word resource and become a Scrabble champion!

1. To arrange words that start with Q – read, read , and once again read

It seems obvious, but in fact there is no better way to expand your vocabulary than reading literature, first of all, the most popular, entertaining books forma mass audience. Even in them we come across many words that we either didn’t know before or we didn’t have them stuck in our heads.

Of course, literature and various high-flying publications will be here more effective, but this is not something to be particularly concerned about. First of all, you must develop a habit of reading. We remember words most quickly and naturally when we see them used in context. Therefore, is not important what we read as long as we try to read as much as possible.

In time, it will become a habit, and learning new words and their contexts will be a real pleasure. Then it is a step away from significantly improving your skills in Scrabble.

2. Use of the dictionary and synonyms

When we write something – no matter if it is a note, a report, or even a private message, it is worth looking into the dictionary. Let’s not limit ourselves to automatic spell checking by the computer. It is a good habit to regularly check the definitions of words we use and their possible synonyms.

This will make our daily communication more effective. We can also convince ourselves that we can ( and even should ) say and write certain things differently than we thought. The clarity of our statements and their attractiveness for the recipient will gain from this.

And as a result of all this, by communing with the words, we will also increase our efficiency in this way in Scrabble.

3. Frequent use of new words

When we learn a new word, it is worthwhile to consolidate the word in our mind by using it. If we will not do this, it can quickly slip out of our memory. It is worthwhile putting in front of you specific challenges. You should try to use at least once a day, a new word in conversation, mail or communication on chat. Of course, the more natural it is, the better.

Also, it is good to repeat the word in your mind or reflect on its origin. It is also possible to use mnemonics, when searching for similarities between the new word and something we already know – and this way we can remember it easier.

4. Crosswords solving

Crossword is an obvious progenitor of Scrabble and solving crosswords may undoubtedly help us in winning this game. Crosswords naturally induce us to reach for the sources – dictionary, definition, encyclopedias. That way they expand our knowledge, in that – to a large degree – vocabulary.

When we see the words in a context in crosswords it will become easier to use them during Scrabble game.

5. Thinking about the origin of words that start with Q

There are just two 2 letter words that start with K and 220 5 letter words that start with K in Scrabble dictionary. It would seem that tracing and considering the etymology of words is an activity for a linguist. However, it can be fascinating and developing for each of us as well. It teaches us about the history of words and how the language works as a whole.

When we read about the origin of the words we use, we can also learn their definition and their synonyms. This kind of knowledge will help us also in remembering new words and later in using them during Scrabble game.