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Words that start with X in Scrabble and a calendar of the most popular word game in the world

Although for many literary and traditional Scrabble fans, the board may only seem like a casual game of arranging words out of letters, old experts know very well that this is one of the most popular word games. In addition, already 90 years old. If you want to show your rivals your knowledge of Scrabble history or you are just curious about it, be sure to read our calendar and learn how to arrange words that start with X or words that start with Z!

Scrabble’s old days

3500 B.C.E. – the first board games are made in Ancient Egypt. These are still simple relative games, much more like a slightly primitive version of a “Chinese”, but already quite popular.

3000 B.C.E. – Backgammon is created in Mesopotamia, quickly becoming the most popular board game in the entire Ancient world.

144 C.E. – Fidchell is created in Ireland.

1622 – In the USA, public stool-ball players are punished with the confiscation of board games.

XIX Century – In Europe and the USA, more and more board games are created – they are played by representatives of all social strata.

1899 – Alfred Mosher Butts is born in Poughkeepsie. His father is a lawyer and his mother is a school teacher. From the very beginning, the child shows an interest in art and science.

XX century and arranging words that start with X

The 20s of the 20th Century – In the USA, sales of crossword puzzles and anagram magazines are increasing several times.

1924 – Young Alfred graduates from Pennsylvania University with an MA in Architecture.

1931 – Butts analyzes board games, dividing them into numerical ( bingo, dice), movement(chess, checkers, go), word ( anagrams, crosses). Wanting to create ideal game , he combines the features of all three to create the first Lexico project, which later changes its name to Criss Cross Words. Butt’s idea is not appreciated by other companies producing board games. The game gets James Brunot’s interest.

1938 – Officially sold the first copy of the game in the USA.

1948 – The game already under the name Scrabble begins to be produced at an abandoned Dodgingtown School in Connecticut. An efficient factory is built there soon.

1949 – James Brunot and his wife, who manage the factory, sells 2,400 copies of the game a year, but final annual balance is $ 450 in the minus. Although, the Brunots do not give up, gaining more sales the next year.

1952 – The rights to production and distribution are taken over by Selchow and Righter, which starts distribution on a large scale.

1953 – Selchow and Righter sells nearly 4 million copies of the game. The first game rules change in the same year.

1955 – The game also goes to Australia and Great Britain.

1972 – Scrabble conquers France. Hippolyte Wouters is organizing the first World Championship in French there.

1974 – The Copyright of the game developer’s expires. So far he earned $ 50,000 a year.

1976 – The rules of the game are slightly changed once again. From now on you can fit, among other things.

1985 – A simple board game by Butt – Alfred’s Other Game is published, but it has no success, even comparable to Scrabble.

1986 – Selchow and Righter is sold to Coleco shortly before bankruptcy.

1989 – The rules of the game are changed for the third time, but they are cosmetic, adjustments that do not significantly affect the game itself.

1990 – The fourth amendment to the rules which is technically more of their unification and clarification of disputes.

1991 – First Scrabble World Championship in English takes place in USA.

1993 – Butts dies 6 days before his 94th birthday. The game sells on every continent. The same year the first Championship in Polish takes place.

1997 – The first Championship in Spanish takes place in Spain.

XXI century

2002 – On Szkrable is created later renamed Literal Letters:-) ( eng. Literaxx).

2004 – Scrabble is inducted into America’s National Gallery of Toy Fame.

2006 – First Scrabble Youth World Championship takes place.

2009 – In the USA, the North American Scrabble Players Union is brought to life. In Poland, the first literary tournaments are organized on kurnik portal. In the world Championships the most successful player is Pakorn Nemitrmansuk.

2011 – The Hub television introduces the game show Scrabble Showdown , a variation of the traditional Scrabble.

2019 – Nigel Richards wins the fifth world championship, becoming by far the best player ever.

Currently there are just one 2 letter words that start with Z and one 15 letter words that start with Z in Scrabble dictionary.